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October 2015

Creating a Thanksgiving Feast on a Budget

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? You can serve a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner without breaking the bank.  Follow these tips to create a delicious and affordable holiday meal. Start early The turkey can be nearly half the cost of the typical Thanksgiving meal. A frozen turkey can...

What do I do if a creditor sues me?

New York city bankruptcy judgement
DO NOT IGNORE IT!  Do not assume that it will just go away.  The attorney for the creditor is hoping you will ignore their lawsuit so they can get an easy judgment. You want to do everything you can to avoid getting a judgment. Do not just call the attorney and ask for a payment...

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

Avoid credit counseling by saving
We’ve all heard the saying “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Saving your pennies (and more) can be easy. Check out these tips to save money and stay out of debt: Buy used  Whether you’re shopping for furniture, electronics, or clothes, you can save enormous amounts of money...

Beware of These 5 Common Foreclosure Scams

New York Foreclosures
Are you behind on your mortgage payments?  The threat of foreclosure is a very stressful, frightening thing to deal with. Unfortunately, there are people out there who attempt to prey on those who are in danger of losing their homes. Be careful to make sure you aren’t taken in by...

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