Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself

I was drowning in debt and did not know what to do. My credit was in ruins as was my feeling of self-worth. I felt like a total failure. I called Harris-Courage, PLLC for some guidance. They treated me with respect and understanding. They explained the procedure of bankruptcy and that it would give the chance to start over again.

It was the best thing I ever did for myself. It’s been a few years since filing and I have been able to get my life back together again. I brought my credit score back up and was able to buy a car within a few months from my discharge and I am now the proud owner of my own home. Thank you for your help in restoring my life.

-Jodi T.

Changed Our Lives for the Better

We are the typical family. We have 4 kids, 2 mortgages, car payments, and lots of other debts!! I lost my job and was collecting unemployment benefits but they were running out. My husband and I were overwhelmed with bills! Our creditors had judgments that froze our bank accounts, garnished his wages, and put liens on our home. We were behind in the mortgage payments and property taxes. We were afraid of losing everything we worked so hard for.

Although the decision to file for bankruptcy was not an easy one, it changed our lives for the better. We filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to cure the arrears on our mortgage and property taxes. They were able to unfreeze our bank accounts and stop the wage garnishment. The liens on our home were removed. Harris-Courage, PLLC Law Office explained to us the value of our home did not support the amount of the 2nd mortgage. They were able to remove it as a lien on our home. What a bonus it was to no longer have the 2nd mortgage payment anymore.

Today, 6 years later, our only debt is our mortgage. I can’t put into words the incredible feeling of RELIEF my husband and I felt after meeting with Harris-Courage, PLLC. We were able to protect the assets we worked so hard to obtain and rebuild our credit again. We are thankful we made the decision to call Harris-Courage, PLLC.


Thank You!

To the Staff at Harris-Courage, PLLC,

Now that we have had our court date we want to take a minute to thank you! From our very first call with questions, we [were] treated with kindness, respect and, most important, without judgment. The entire process was made to be the easiest on us-conference calls, mail communications, frequent phone calls and a close location in Oneida.

Although a difficult choice without steering us in the bankruptcy route, you made us feel as we made the correct choice for our family. Again, without judgment.

We will close with a thank you for your hard work and your kindness. We will, without reservation, recommend you and your firm.

Again, Thank You!

-Richard & Julie M.