Debt-related problems can sneak up on you, and when they do, they can quickly spiral out of control. Luckily, solutions like bankruptcy are available to help you work to resolve your financial issues. Don’t let bankruptcy’s bad reputation convince you that you failed. In reality, filing for bankruptcy is an incredibly smart way to get your finances—and your life—back on track.

If financial problems are keeping you up at night, discover how working with a team of bankruptcy attorneys can help you sleep better. At Harris-Courage, PLLC, we’ve dedicated our practice to helping Central New York residents come out the other side of their mountains of debt. Schedule a free phone consultation with us at any of our area locations. We proudly serve clients in Syracuse, Liverpool, Utica, Oneida, and throughout the state.

Your Bankruptcy Options

Many people don’t realize that bankruptcy takes many forms. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 13, our team is ready to listen to your unique situation and advise you on the best solution for you.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Also known as “liquidation bankruptcy,” Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors to sell any non-exempt assets and use the funds to pay back their creditors. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not mean you’ll be forced to forfeit everything you own. Property such as equity in your home or motor vehicles can be considered exempt from liquidation.

If you lack access to a steady income and need to pay off items such as medical bills or credit card debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer for you. Learn more about the filing process and all it entails by reaching out to our team at Harris-Courage, PLLC.



Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If your income is deemed too high to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great way to seek financial relief. Often called “reorganization bankruptcy,” it involves committing to a repayment plan in which you make monthly payments to your creditors. Most plans are set for anywhere from three to five years, after which your remaining debts may be discharged.

Setting up a debt repayment plan can protect both your property and yourself from creditor harassment. If you’re considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, set up an appointment with us today at any of our Syracuse-area locations.

Why Work with Us?

At Harris-Courage, PLLC, bankruptcy is our bread and butter. It’s all we do, making us the knowledgeable and experienced advisors you want on your side. Our services don’t stop at simply helping you choose the best path forward. We’ll be with you during every step of the process, from preparing paperwork to representing you at any necessary court proceedings.

We’ll be here for you even after your case is complete. Our post-bankruptcy credit improvement program is available to clients at no extra charge. Let us help you rebuild your credit so you can improve your chances of receiving loans for necessities like a home or a car.

To us, bankruptcy is all about collaboration. Team up with us when you’re ready to seek a future free from debt and financial stress. Whether you live in Syracuse, Liverpool, Binghamton, or Watertown, New York, we’re ready to help you pursue your goals. Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation.


When you work with Harris-Courage, PLLC, you can sleep like a baby knowing your financial problems are being handled by a team of bankruptcy professionals. Reach out to us at any of our locations in the Syracuse, New York, area. We’re ready to help you seek relief and start over with the debt-free life you deserve.