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March 2016

Critical Ways to Prepare for Financial Challenges

Syracuse bankruptcy attorney helps you prepare
Many people need to file bankruptcy because they were not sufficiently prepared for a crisis, such as a natural disaster, job loss, or serious health issue.  It’s extremely important to prepare for these kinds of events before they happen.  If you take these critical steps to...

Critical Financial Steps During a Divorce

Many of our clients have to file bankruptcy because of financial mistakes they made while going through divorce.  In a divorce, things get more difficult –the income is cut and the expenses increase.  Read on for ways to avoid getting into a financial mess while filing for...

Be Smart When Dealing with Debt Collectors

Excessive debt is extremely stressful.  It’s very difficult to deal with constant phone calls and letters from people demanding money you don’t have. When people are being harassed by debt collectors, it’s common for them to go into hiding.  However, this is the worst thing...

6 Easy Ways to Get in Shape Without a Gym Membership

Many people sign up for a gym membership when they want to get in shape, but you don’t need to do that.  Gyms are expensive and can be inconvenient to get to.  Don’t waste your time and money on a gym membership if you aren’t really going to use it.  Try one of these 6...

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