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Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you being burdened with any of these scenarios? Can you answer YES to any of these questions? If you answer yes to any of these questions then we can help! Are collection agencies constantly harassing you? Is your mailbox full of overdue notices? Are you using one credit card...

Protect Your Assets

Protect Your Assets Filing for Bankruptcy is not about blame and shame. It’s about protecting what your have and making your life better. Many people believe they will lose their home, car and other possessions if they file for bankruptcy. The truth is if you are behind on...

Use, Sale, or Lease of Property

The Bankruptcy Code governs the use, sale or lease of property in bankruptcy. The trustee may use, sell or lease the property of the estate other than in the ordinary course of business only after notice and a hearing. If the business of the debtor is authorized to be operated...

Turnover to the Trustee

The Bankruptcy Code requires an entity in possession, custody, or control of property of the estate, including exempt property, to deliver that property to the trustee, unless the property is of inconsequential value to the estate. Debtors must turn over property of the personal...

Case Commencement

Under the Bankruptcy Code, a voluntary or involuntary case is commenced by filing a petition with the bankruptcy court. A Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy case may be initiated by a voluntary filing by the debtor or by an involuntary filing by the debtor’s creditors. Cases under...

Don’t Lose Your House to Bankruptcy

Click here for 10 Dirty Little Secrets Credit Counselors Don’t Want You To Know .Mounting credit card debt. Overdue bills. Not enough money to pay them.Stress is unbearable. It’s severely impacting you, your family, and your job. Harris-Courage & Grady PLLC,...

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