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Top 5 Causes of Excessive Personal Debt

Excessive debt is the biggest worry of many people. We are provided with many opportunities to increase our debt, but getting out of debt can be especially challenging. Bankruptcy is an option for quickly and easily getting out of debt. There are many things that create excessive...

Discover Your Talents for a More Fulfilling Life

Most of our clients have been through major life changes, such as a job loss, divorce, or medical issues, that caused them financial difficulties. Recovery from these life changes and their financial aftermath is challenging. Once you have your finances back on track through...

Stay Within Your Vacation Budget

Before filing bankruptcy, taking a vacation is a very bad idea. Vacations are considered a luxury, and any money spent on luxuries cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. That means you will be required to pay back the vacation debt. After you receive your bankruptcy discharge, you...

4 Steps to Overcome Financial Strain

Life can get pretty stressful without adding finances into the mix. Many things can happen to cause financial strain in your life. Unfortunately, these often happen when you are already overwhelmed with other stresses. At Harris-Courage & Grady, we’ve helped over 10,000...

Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More

We want to help our clients use their money wisely. A visit to a restaurant can be a welcome break, but not if it keeps you in debt. Be aware of these tricks restaurants use to part you from your money: All-you-can-eat. While some patrons come out ahead, most restaurant customers...

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

Have you ever heard of a reverse mortgage? Reverse mortgages are available to homeowners aged 62 or older. In a traditional mortgage, you make payments to a loan company. In a reverse mortgage, you receive payments from a loan company but continue to live in your home. When your...

Do It Today: Stop Waiting for the Right Time

There’s never a better time than the present. Too often, we wait for the perfect time to start losing weight, get out of debt, or have children. Time is constantly passing, and there’s no time to wait! There’s also never going to be a perfect time. You can start achieving your...

Avoid These Bankruptcy Alternatives

We see many clients who have tried to avoid bankruptcy by attempting credit counseling or debt reduction. We want you to avoid the pain of failure to get out of debt that these methods often cause, because they just aren’t effective. CREDIT COUNSELING Before you visit a credit...

Organization Tips that Save You Money

Tidiness and organization can seem like a big hassle. The truth is, being messy can cost you money! Good organization is the key to making and saving money. You’ll find that you can easily make good progress by organizing your life. Schedule Your Bills. Ever been charged a...

4 Myths Teens Believe About Money

Money myths are everywhere, and many teens believe them. Take time to learn financial facts and teach your children good financial habits. Building good habits when they are young will set them up for a successful life. MYTH 1: There will be time to be financially responsible...

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