4 Personal Finance Apps that Help You Keep Track of Spending

Although we all know we should keep track of our spending, it’s not always easy to do. Many people get to the end of the month and wonder where all their money has gone. It can be incredibly difficult to save money and stay within your budget without keeping track of your income and expenses. There are several excellent apps online that can help. These apps can be installed on your computer or phone.


One of the most popular apps for personal finance is called Mint. It can synchronize all of your bank accounts and credit cards into one place. Any time you spend money, it will show up in your Mint account.

With Mint, you can track:

  • Income
  • Bank account balance
  • Loans
  • Investments
  • Personal spending funds
  • Bills
  • Budget goals
  • Simple and effective budgeting options
  • And more!

Mint is free and consistently highly rated. The company makes money by recommending credit cards and other financial products to its users.

Goodbudget & Mvelopes

One of the simplest old-school techniques for keeping track of money is to place money into individual envelopes for different spending categories. Many people still use this technique! However, it can be inconvenient and risky to stockpile envelopes full of cash in your home. Goodbudget and Mvelopes are two different budgeting apps that both place money into virtual envelopes for effective budgeting. Just like with a real envelope, any money left over at the end of the month rolls over into the next month, and when the money is gone no additional expenses can be added. Both apps have a free version and paid upgrades that are fairly inexpensive.

Level Money

Level Money is another app that connects to your bank accounts and credit cards. You tell the app your income, what bills you pay on a regular basis, and how much you’d like to save every month. Then, it gives you your spending budget. Level Money will tell you how much money you can spend every day, week, and month without exceeding your income. This is a good solution for people who would like an easy budget created for them.

These apps are 4 of the best personal finance applications. Pick one based on your personal preferences and start keeping track of your money today. You’ll always know where your money ends up when you track your spending using one of these apps!

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