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Harris-Courage & Grady, PLLC Aug. 11, 2017

Every day we see clients who want to get out of debt.

As part of the bankruptcy process, we help clients to create a budget.

We want to ensure that you can live within your income after your debts are discharged, so that you don’t just get yourself back into serious debt.

Here are some money-saving techniques that can help ensure you stay within your budget:

  1. Drink water. It’s the cheapest and healthiest beverage there is. Even if you just switch to water for one meal where you would normally drink something else, you’ll see savings start to add up.

  2. Make your lunch. Most people spend 240 days at work per year. If you eat out every day and spend only $5 on your lunch, that’s $1200. Try spending your Sunday afternoons cooking and packing a week’s worth of lunches. No need to stick with sandwiches—there are hundreds of YouTube videos that can give you ideas for what to make and how to pack it.

  3. Stop smoking. New York State has the most expensive cigarettes in the nation. You can save thousands of dollars per year by quitting, and you’ll save even more on healthcare costs in the future.

  4. Wait 30 days. If you want something expensive that isn’t a necessity, make yourself wait 30 days before you buy it. Use the 30 days to make sure you have the cash you need to buy it. If you don’t want it anymore after 30 days, you will have saved yourself from wasting your money. If you do want it 30 days later, you’ll know that the purchase isn’t going to get you into debt.

  5. Buy used. Everything from cars to clothing costs much less if you buy it from someone else. When you need something, try to find it secondhand. You can often find things that haven’t been used at all for much less than the cost of buying them retail.

With a few lifestyle changes and a bankruptcy to eliminate your debts, you’ll find it’s easy to live within your income. Try these tips and discover how much money you can save.