5 Smart Ways to Save Energy this Summer

Many of our clients search for ways to reduce their expenses before they file bankruptcy. One major expense for most people is their energy bill. Here are some easy ways to reduce your energy bill:

  1. Unplug appliances you aren’t using. If an appliance is plugged into the wall, it’s using energy, even if it isn’t being operated. Unplugging everything from your cell phone charger to the toaster will reduce your energy costs.
  2. Change your air filters. Your heating and cooling systems have to work harder to blow air to your house when they go through a clogged air filter. If your air filter isn’t damaged, you can also reduce your energy consumption simply by cleaning it.
  3. Replace your light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs use more than 4 times more energy than fluorescent or LED lights. Replacing your light bulbs will give you immediate savings on your energy bill. Fluorescent and LED lights also last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you’ll see savings for years to come as well.
  4. Lower the temperature in your water heater. If you reduce the temperature of your water heater 10-20 degrees, you’ll still get the hot water you need, but you won’t need to use as much energy keeping it hot in the water heater.
  5. Seal cracks and leaky windows. Cracks let in hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter and make your heating and cooling system work harder than they need to. Seal those cracks to keep your energy costs low.

Take these steps and you’ll see savings in your energy bill. You can free up more cash for you to use wherever you need it most.

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