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Harris-Courage & Grady, PLLC April 15, 2016

Fighting about money is one of the top reasons couples file for divorce. Even if you and your significant other aren’t thinking about splitting up, it’s likely you’ve had disagreements about the family finances.

Here are 8 strategies that can help you to improve your relationship by eliminating your fights about money and avoid filing for bankruptcy in Syracuse:

  1. Understand your partner’s financial background. The way we were brought up has a large impact on the way we view and use money. If your spouse always spends money on something that drives you crazy, take a step back and think about why it might be important for them. Recognizing where our habits come from is an important step towards improvement.

  2. Build your budget together. The budget will be more successful if you both create it together. You may even want to get your children involved in the parts that affect them. People are more likely to stick to a budget that they’ve created together.

  3. Review your budget regularly. Going over your spending together once a week or twice a month will help you both to stick to the budget. It will also allow you to make adjustments for any unforeseen expenses to make sure you don’t overspend.

  4. Bring in a third party. Are you struggling to create a budget because you have too many bills and not enough money? Bringing in an impartial third party can help you determine the best way to spend your money without resorting to arguing or finger-pointing. Our office offers a free, confidential, no-obligation phone consultation. We can help you determine the best way to deal with your debts.

  5. Decide together before making a major purchase. Agree with each other that you won’t make a major purchase without consulting your spouse. You’ll also need to determine how much money constitutes a “major purchase” for your family. You’ll eliminate any surprise new debts or large expenditures that one spouse wants and the other doesn’t.

  6. Give everyone (including you!) some free spending money. Nobody wants to be hassled about every little thing they spend money on. Giving each person their own free spending budget provides some financial spontaneity and can help eliminate arguments.

  7. Work together toward financial goals. If you’re new to this, it might be helpful to start with a short-term goal, such as a household item that everyone will be excited about. Longer term goals could include a dream vacation, retirement savings, or your children’s college educations. When everyone shares the same goal, everyone is more likely to stick with the budget that is making it possible.

  8. Discuss finances when you’re calm. If you’re feeling angry about the way your spouse is spending money, take time to calm down before you talk about it. Focus on the behavior rather than the person. This will prevent the discussion from escalating into an argument.

Work together, use patience, and your money arguments can become a thing of the past. You can eliminate your fights over money, and your whole family will thank you for it!