Don’t Lose Your House to Bankruptcy

Mounting credit card debt. Overdue bills. Not enough money to pay them. Stress is unbearable. It’s severely impacting you, your family, and your job.

Harris-Courage & Grady PLLC, understands your frustration and anxiety. As a debt relief firm, we offer real solutions to your financial problems that will bring you peace of mind and a new beginning.

We have helped thousands of clients throughout Central New York get out from under the crushing burden of debt. With a carefully tailored strategy for each client, our firm helps protect your rights. We can keep creditors at bay and help you keep your home, vehicles, and other property.

Who Will Help?

Firm founder Laura Harris has 25 years of bankruptcy law experience and is the only attorney in the region certified by the American Bankruptcy Institute (See additional information under Attorney Profile). Our firm is one of the largest bankruptcy case filers in the Northern District Of New York Bankruptcy Court and has 13 offices to best serve our clients.

If you think there’s nowhere to turn, turn to Harris-Courage & Grady PLLC, and rest easy. Call for a free phone consultation.

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