Get Rid of the Clutter and Start the New Year off Right

Owning too many possessions can have a much higher cost than just the purchase price.

  • Clutter can increase feelings of depression and anxiety, which can create additional healthcare costs for you.
  • You may also incur unnecessary expenses to store and care for things you don’t need or use.
  • Clutter can also lead to lots of wasted time as you search for the things you do need amid piles of things you don’t.

So why do people keep more things than they need? It’s common to keep sentimental items from loved ones who have passed away, even if the items are no longer useful.  Some people are afraid to get rid of things because they don’t want to waste anything. Others feel they don’t have time to decide whether they need each thing or not, even though doing so would increase the time they have available in the future.

Try these strategies to decrease your possessions and increase your savings at the same time!

  1. Every time you buy one new thing, get rid of two old things.  You can sell, donate, or give away the old things. Start saving the money from the things you sell, and watch how quickly it can add up.
  2. Make a list before you shop.  Don’t buy anything that isn’t on your list. You’ll save money by avoiding impulse purchases that you don’t actually need.
  3. Store your things close to where you use them. This will make it easier for you to find them when you need them, and put them away when you’re done.  You’ll save lots of time and energy.
  4. Set aside a time to declutter, and do it consistently.  Start with a small space, such as a closet, and then move on to larger spaces.  Breaking it up will help you not to feel overwhelmed, and by working consistently you’ll be done before you know it.
  5. Do you own things you can’t get rid of for sentimental reasons, but that you won’t ever use?  Try taking a photograph to remember the item, and then sell or donate it.

You’ll be happier as you eliminate the clutter in your life. Why not get rid of the financial clutter at the same time?  Give our office a call to find out how we can help you eliminate your unnecessary debt through bankruptcy.

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