Host the Best New Year’s Eve Party Ever… for Cheap!

Don’t let a lack of money keep you from ringing in the New Year. You can host an incredible holiday party without breaking the bank. Check out these tips:

  1. Have your guests bring food and drinks. If everyone brings their favorite snack and drink to share, then nobody will have to spend too much to feed everyone.
  2. Shop the after-Christmas sales. You can serve Christmas-themed snacks at a New Year’s party and spend much less than you would have if you bought them before Christmas. If you take them out of the packaging before serving, nobody will even know they were Christmas themed!
  3. Start the party later. Starting too early will make your guests expect dinner. Starting later means you won’t need to provide a main course.
  4. Save the alcohol for midnight. Drinking less is better for your health and your wallet!
  5. Stick with simple. Don’t buy expensive decorations for your New Year’s Eve party.  Low light, candles, or even Christmas lights can make your party very festive.
  6. Use electronic invitations. These are free, and easy to get to everyone.  Electronic invitationsare also much easier to get people to RSVP to than traditional paper ones. That can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to coordinate a potluck.
  7. Set up a photo booth. Designate an area with silly hats, glasses, or other costume items you have around the house, and let your guests take pictures.  Digital pictures are free and easy to share with everyone.
  8. Pull out the party games. If you don’t own games, your guests probably do.  Or, check online for ideas for party games you can play with items you already have around the house.  Most adults don’t often get to play games, and they’re fun and inexpensive entertainment.

It’s easy to throw an unforgettable and affordable New Year’s Eve party.  All you need to do is share the cost around and get creative with items you already have.  Don’t let financial challenges keep you from celebrating this New Year.

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