How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

This is a question everyone needs to have answered.

The costs for bankruptcy can vary depending on what kind of bankruptcy you are filing. Chapter 7 bankruptcies and Chapter 13 bankruptcies entail different costs.

  • Part of everyone’s bankruptcy cost is the Bankruptcy Court filing fees, which are around $300.
  • Before you file, you must take a “Credit Counseling” course.
  • You must also take a “Debtor Education” course after you file.
  • The costs for these courses can range from $25 to $150 each.
  • Your bankruptcy attorney will need your credit report and copies of several documents, including:
    • a recorded deed to your home
    • the recorded mortgage on your home
    • to your vehicles
    • 7 months of pay stubs
    • 2 years of tax returns.

Additionally, there may be circumstances, such as a lien on your home, that would require additional legal costs to deal with during the bankruptcy process. When we discuss your situation, we will let you know if you have any of these issues and advise you of the costs.

Bottom line- the total cost to file bankruptcy depends on your unique circumstances. However, the cost of filing bankruptcy will be much, much less than the cost of fully repaying all of your debts.

How much is it worth to you to be able to get rid of your debts and your financial worries?

Give us a call to discuss your unique circumstances, and we will be able to give you a good idea of what your bankruptcy will cost. We accept payments, so you don’t need to have all the money right away. Your confidential, no-obligation phone consultation is always free.

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