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Harris-Courage & Grady, PLLC Feb. 20, 2018

We help people struggling with their finances every day, so we know. Financial difficulties can be very damaging to your self-image. It can be easy to fall into feelings of worthlessness and helplessness.

Your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.

We help our clients find solutions to their financial challenges. We also want to remind you that you are valuable, no matter what challenges you are going through.

Here are some strategies to help you maintain a positive self-image, even when you’re going through difficulties:

  • Break the negativity cycle. Once a negative thought has taught you its intended lesson, it has served its purpose. If you choose to dwell on those negative thoughts, they will form a negative self-image in your mind. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about your circumstances, learn the lesson and resolve to move on. When negative thoughts enter your mind, change them to productive thoughts instead.

  • Cut yourself some slack. Recognize that you’re human. Everyone makes mistakes. You are valuable regardless of your present predicament. You are worthwhile even when you slip up or falter. Your circumstances simply provide an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Ask for help. Loved ones and friends often see strengths in you that go without notice. Ask them what they believe your strengths are. Everyone has something of value to contribute. Remembering your strengths when you’re going through challenges can help boost your self-image.

  • Find something to give. Once you recognize your unique talents, gifts, and abilities, use them to help others. Recognize that you can strengthen other people, even if you’re going through challenges yourself. Helping others can boost your confidence and improve your self-image.

  • Live one day at a time. Despite your best efforts, some days are just hard. When this happens, you have a choice. You can let your circumstances defeat you, or you can choose a positive perspective. Decide to make tomorrow better if today has been bad.

Resolve today to find your strengths, learn from your difficult circumstances, and experience the joy you were created to experience. Instead of tying your self-worth to your circumstances, choose to see things as they really are.

You were created with unique talents and gifts. When you find those gifts within yourself and put them to use, you’ll know how valuable you truly are.