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Harris-Courage & Grady, PLLC Feb. 6, 2018

Think you know what bankruptcy filers are like? The truth might surprise you.

The common myth is that only financially irresponsible people file bankruptcy. This is propaganda the financial industry has spent millions to promote, and it just isn’t true.

The truth is that most people who file bankruptcy have suffered a serious life event such as a job loss, divorce or major illness. Another common reason for filing bankruptcy is when someone has tried to help a loved one who committed to repay a debt but then wasn’t able to.

Most of our clients have tried for years to get out of debt on their own. Most clients wait too long to file bankruptcy and most wish they had filed sooner. Of course there are a few who actually are irresponsible with their credit, but these people are a significant minority.

Of the more than 10,000 individuals our firm has represented, only a handful have been truly financially irresponsible.

I have been involved with bankruptcy law for over 30 years. I started my legal career representing creditors in bankruptcy and did that for nearly 10 years. I had done very well in law school and was hired by a large law firm to “protect” creditors. I hated my job because I quickly realized that I was helping take away people’s cars and homes when they were in trouble after losing a job or getting sick or suffering a divorce.

I finally had enough of seeing these suffering individuals get poor bankruptcy representation. I decided 20 years ago to switch sides and start helping these individuals protect their assets with bankruptcy and shed overwhelming debt.

More than 1 million American households file for bankruptcy every year. It’s likely that you know someone who has filed bankruptcy.

If you have overwhelming debt and want a fresh start, call us and set an appointment.