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You Save Money When You Increase Your Credit Score

  Creditors use your credit score to decide if they want to lend you money and what interest rate they will charge you.  People with higher credit scores get lower interest rates for their loans, and lower interest rates mean big savings. Let’s suppose that Jennifer has a...

Surprising Facts about Credit Card Offers

Ever gotten a credit card offer in the mail?  You’re not alone.  You may be surprised to learn that credit card offers come even to people with very poor credit.  Studies have shown that people who file bankruptcy will receive more credit card offers than the average American...

Subscriptions: A Hidden Financial Trap

  Paul and Samantha’s finances were tight.  Paul lost his job, and Samantha’s job wasn’t offering overtime as frequently as it used to.  They looked at their budget and decided that, in addition to downsizing many other expenses, they needed to stop paying for cable.  When...

Be Smart: Avoid Student Loans

If you or your child are going to be attending college, you will find many different student loan options.  Be extremely careful about taking out student loans, and NEVER co-sign for someone else’s student loan. It is much better to attend a lower-cost school, get a part-time...

Don’t Lose Your House to Bankruptcy

Click here for 10 Dirty Little Secrets Credit Counselors Don’t Want You To Know .Mounting credit card debt. Overdue bills. Not enough money to pay them.Stress is unbearable. It’s severely impacting you, your family, and your job. Harris-Courage & Grady PLLC,...

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